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The Canon PowerShot A470 is a 7.1 megapixel digital point-and-shoot, announced January 2008.

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many line images why

The taken image have many line above the image. Can any body help me

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it would be a good idea to upload a image with that problem.



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A stuck shutter is a common failure mode for digital cameras. The symptoms of a stuck or "sticky" shutter are very similar to CCD image sensor failure. The camera may take black pictures (for shutter stuck closed), or the pictures may be very bright and overexposed, sometimes with lines, especially when taken outdoors (for shutter stuck open).

To confirm a stuck shutter, put the camera in any mode other than "Auto", and turn the flash OFF (you don't want to blind yourself for the next step). Next look down the lens and take a picture. You should see a tiny flicker in the center of the lens as the shutter opens and closes. If no movement is seen, then you likely have a stuck shutter. If so, Please see this link for further info and a simple fix that may help.


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Go to Canons site

They have support pages - the CCD might be under extended warranty.

I had a problem with an A75 taking blurry images and they fixed it for the cost of shipping.

Good Luck



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