Manufactured from 2004 to 2009, the Vino 125 has a 125cc engine.

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Why does my engine stall after a half mile?

Motor Scooter starts fine and idles very well...after a half mile on the street, it stalls out at the stop sign and won't start again for at least 10 minutes.

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Pull the carburetor and clean it. This failing, On most regular motorcycles there is a manual petcock that is used to shut fuel off to the carburetor(s). On most scooters the fuel !@#$ is vacuum operated. As the engine goes through its intake cycle, there is a vacuum line from the intake that goes to the fuel !@#$ that controls flow. If the engine is not running the fuel does not flow. If the vacuum lines have a kink in them or are loose or cracked they will cause the engine to run lean and also prevent correct fuel flow to the carburetor, especially at high speed.


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Check to make sure the bowl vents from the carburetor and the vent from the fuel tank are not kinked or plugged up. Sounds like you're running the carb dry, then the ten minute wait manages to fill the carb enough to refire. Regardless... you have a fuel issue. Service the fuel system.


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Another option is the ignition coil is faulty. I had a similar problem with my Honda Helix several years ago, ran for a few miles then stalled. Discovered the ignition coil was overheating. I allowed it to cool down after 10-15 minutes, then it started again only to stall again in a few miles. The dealer eventually discovered the problem


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