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Some keys don't work when replacing keyboard after liquid spill

I spilled coke on the keyboard and dried it up. After assuring it was dry, I found the keyboard not working at all so I decided to replace the keyboard from ebay. ( no warranty)

Having replaced the keyboard the middle row doesn't work starting from 'A' and all the way up to 'L'. I reset the PRAM and SMC and also tried using the keyboard from the install disk to make sure it's not a software problem.

The spill seems not to have hit the connector on the motherboard.

What do you suggest I could still do?

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Pro Tech ツールキットを含むご注文、もしくは総額 $100ドル以上のご注文については送料無料です。




Could be the replacement keyboard was also bad. Buying used parts has it's risks ;-{

I try to steer away from fly by nighters, I stick with outfits that I've watched for a year or two and offer a return policy if the part is defective.

If you paid with a credit card you might get your money back if you complain to them. The issue here then is how much did you pay given the amount of time and bother getting any recourse with them (lots of phone time & paperwork).

Double check the ribbon cable for any damage and check the connections and damage or the connection is not square in the ZIF connector, could you have damaged the ZIF connector on the logic bd?

Good Luck!


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The kb I purchased was in fact unused. I trying to decide if I will go through the trouble of testing a keyboard from another MB Pro just to see if that would work.

I think I will not do it though, because the damage is almost certainly on the logic board...




I'm not sure if it's good practice to do this, but since there was a topic regarding the exact same issue I've been having, I figured I'd come here first rather than start a new one. But I'm looking at pretty much the same issue with the same model.

I just went through the laborious process of replacing the damaged keyboard to find that the new (unused) one doesn't work completely itself. In my case q-o and a-l do not work. I was wondering if you were ever able to fix your problem? And obviously how you were able to do so. Or if anyone else has any ideas. I've tried resetting the keyboard settings, redoing the ribbon. I'm not really sure where to go next.



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Sara - Sounds like you have the same problem as Joonas, a bad keyboard, ribbon cable or the logic bd. connector. - Did you get a used keyboard and cable assy or a new one? and are you sure it's good? Did you use ESD protection so you didn't damage anything with any static discharge? (It's winter so your risk is greater) Or damage the ZIF connector in the process of removing the ribbon cable on the logic board? Any of these actions could also create the same symptoms (full row or two of keys not responding).


Hi Sara,

I was able to get the new keyboard working completely. I took the whole thing apart and cleaned the ribbon. Then I made sure it was dry before inserting it in again. After having done that, the same keys on the keyboard still didn't work so I got frustrated and forgot about it for 24 hours. When trying again a day later, one of the keys had started working miraculously. When tinkering around with it, the other keys also came to life and stayed that way. I hope your kb also springs to life :)

Let us know what happens.



I just replaced the top case on my Macbook Unibody 1432. I have several keys that do not work very similar to the above cases. These are the keys that do not work:

Row 1 6 +=

Row 2 Q W E R T Y U I O

Row 3 H

Row 4 N ?/

Any thoughts on what to look for????


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Was the Top Case new or used? Did you reset the SMC? Could you have put the wrong screws in to the wrong locations (shorting out something)?




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