Your screen won't turn on when you hit buttons on the keyboard or goes to sleep unexpectedly.

Your monitor or tower might not be receiving adequate power. The PSU may been to be fixed or replaced. See our replacement guide PSU Replacement Guide

Make sure the cords are plugged into active outlets and are properly attached to the back of your tower as well as your monitor.

When you hold down the power button to turn your computer on, nothing happens.

Make sure all cords are plugged into active outlets and properly attached to your desktop tower.

If all cords are plugged in properly, hold down the power button and see if the power button lights up. If the button lights up, power is being supplied to the tower. If the button doesn't light up, it isn't receiving any power from the outlet and the PSU is likely the culprit. It may need to be replaced. See our replacement guide PSU Replacement Guide

You receive a notification that your card is not properly installed or running and/or you see or hear visual or audio distortions.

An update might be necessary to read the sound or graphics card that is currently installed. Make sure your sound or graphics card is compatible with your computer model.

When you try to run programs the computer takes a long time to load or receive information.

Try closing programs that you aren't currently using. It will free up memory for your computer to use on the program you want.

To delete temporary files, click on the Start button and then Run. Type "temp" into the text space and click Enter. When all the files you are running pop up in the window, select any one of them and press Ctrl and A to select all files. Then just press the Delete button and you're good to go!

If your hard drive isn't working optimally, you will need to replace it.

Your cursor is not visible or is frozen in place and/or your computer does not respond to pressing keys on the keyboard.

Make sure cords for both the mouse and keyboard are plugged into the correct usb hub provided on the back of the tower.

Some keyboards and mice require a specific driver to be installed before they can function. See if it came with an installation CD or check the manufacturer's website to see if this is the case. Make sure you instal all drivers before plugging in your device.



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