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No matter what you do, you can't get your Sony Reader to turn on.

If the power button will not easily slide to the right it may be stuck. Make sure to clean all of the dirt from under the button. If the button is still stuck and will not work you need to follow the power button replacement guide to replace it.

If the device won't turn on, the battery might need to be charged. First make sure that you have the correct charger for the device. Then connect the device to a computer via USB and allow it to charger for at least an hour before trying to turn it back on. If the battery is charging correctly, the charge indicator will light up.

  • Alternative Charging Method : Connect device to an AC outlet using the AC Adapter for Reader

If the battery won't charge you make have the wrong charger. Check both the port on the device and the port on charger you have. If they both match up then you might have a broken charger and need to buy a new one.

If replacing the charger does not work, the battery make not be corrected or inserted into the device correctly. Follow the guide to remove the back panel, take out the battery, and put it back in.

If connecting the device to the charger does not work, the battery might be dead and need to be replaced. Follow the Battery Replacement Guide.

If the device still does not work there may be a problem with the motherboard. Follow the guide to remove the motherboard. Once it is removed it will need to be take to the store or replaced.

When headphones are plugged in there is no sound.

Make sure headphones are completely plugged in to the Sony Reader. Carefully pull them out and push them into the phones port until you feel a click that signifies they are completely inserted.

Make sure the volume is not set too low on the device.

If the headphones are correctly inserted and sound will still not play from the device, make sure that the audio file you are trying to play in supported by the reader. View page 44 of the User's Manual to see a list of files supported by the device.

You headphones might be broken and you will need a new pair.

If you are sure you have a good audio file and a working pair of headphones are firmly plugged into the headphones jack, but you can still not hear any sound. The headphones jack is broken and will need to be replaced.

The Sony Reader does not respond to your memory card.

Make sure that the memory is into the device in the right direction. Also ensure that the memory car is supported by the Sony Reader.

If the memory card is still not being recognized by the device, either the terminal end of the media car may be dirty. Use a clean, soft cloth to clean the media area of the memory card.

If you are using the proper memory card that is clean and inserted into the device properly and it is still not recognized by the device. The memory card slot may by broken and will need to be replaced using the guide.

The Sony Reader does not allow you to read a specific book.

Confirm that you are authorized to view the book. To read secure books you must sign up or perform authorization. If you are already authorized you may deauthorize you computer and reader, then authorize again. You also are not able to read content that is owned by another viewer.

===Expired Book ===

If the book has an expiration date, make sure it has not already expired.

Your screen is not responding correctly to your commands.

If you are in a cold place, it may take time for the screen to display correctly. This is not a malfunction of the device, but instead due to the device charateristics.

If you cannot select items on the device even when you tap the center of them, then you will need to calibrate the touch screen. To do this go to the advanced settings menu and choose the calibrate touch screen option.

If your screen freezes, reset the reader by pressing the RESET button and then turn on the device. If the screen is still frozen after resetting the device, you will need to use the guide to replace the screen on device.

The Sony Reader can not be operated while connected to a computer via USB.

Disconnect the USB cord from the reader, then reconnect. While the Reader is connected to a computer, do not turn on, restart, wake up from sleep mode, or shut down the computer. These operations may render the Reader unrecognizable by the computer.

Your reader will not be recognized through USB if it is locked. Make sure your reader is turned on and set the device lock to OFF

If none of the above options work, the USB port on your device might be broken. Use the guide to replace this port.



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