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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Troubleshooting

Released in July of 2013, identified by model number SCH-1435

Phone won't turn on

The phone won't respond to any button presses and does not turn on.

Faulty Battery

The most common cause of this problem is that the battery is either faulty or incorrectly placed. Simply remove the battery and replace it to see if this is the cause.

Faulty Motherboard

Another part that could complicate startup on the phone is the motherboard. If the motherboard is faulty then the phone will be unable to run its processes, such as the ones responsible for starting up. Replacement of this part is advised if this is the case.

Phone won't charge

When plugged in the phone fails to charge.

Broken charging port

If the charging port is broken the phone will be unable to register the charge. If this is case make sure to replace the port as soon as possible using this guide Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Charging Assembly.

Faulty Charging Cable

Another possibility is that the charging cables could be faulty. It may be wise to try switching out the cables before opening the phone to check the charging port.

Lack of Storage

If you try to install any new apps or take any new media you are unable to save it.

Memory card is full

If you're finding that you cannot install anything new or save any pictures it is most likely due to the fact that the memory card on the phone is full. If this is the case your options are to delete things off of the card to make room, or try to upgrade your card to have more space.

Phone Overheats

The phone is hot to the touch or warmer than you would want consistently.

Poor Ventilation

For most electronic devices, ventilation is key. If your phone is consistently in a position that air cannot circulate around it, make sure to remove it from said location and allow it time to cool off.

Using old SIM cards

Interestingly enough, using old SD cards can cause your phone to have to work extra hard to decrypt old corrupted data. Switching to a new card can help alleviate these issues.

Phone doesn't play any sound

When trying to watch videos or use applications that have sound, nothing comes out.

Make sure the volume is not turned off

The most common source of this problem would be forgetting to unmute the phone. Some phones will automatically unmute themselves when playing media but if you're not sure, check your phone while playing something

Faulty Speaker

If no sound is coming out of the phone its probably best to check the part of the phone that is responsible for this, the speaker. Replacing of the speaker will allow the phone to play sound again.

I reset my Samsung S4 mini mobile phone but after resetting I cannot open any internat browser. Even the playstore does not accept the e-mail account that I use

Dona Rose - 返信

these problems occur randomly, at the same time. my phone functions proper most of the time.

1corrupted screen

2sometimes tries to boot over and over again, without showing color on the screen

3when this problem occurs, the battery drops down to around 15 % as well

other conditioning of my phone that may be important

the top part of the phone sometimes clicks out, one corner sometimes comes of.

the accu in it is a “Replacement” one. thats whats on the eticet

I use the same SIM for almost 4 years in a row

the charging port has been replaced

I am using the same SD card for over 2 years now, and I used it on my old phone as wel. my old phone was a Samsung Galaxy Young, and it was running Android Gingerbread. that phone died by the infamous ‘boot-loop’. after that, I replaced that phone with the same model, that one had the same fate. the thirth one had that doom as wel. the fourth Samsung G Y I had, was installed with a custom rom and was rooted. it survived the SD card. MY SD card contains corrupted android files

Joshua Eppinga - 返信

Yesterday a friend’s phone had a virus which sent a link to my phone. I installed a virus clean up but today my phone has gone into negative i.e. there is white text on black background

Margaret Mohr - 返信

All the colours are strange and reversed. Also so many programmes are telling me my memory is full which I doubt as I did a complete clean up recently

Margaret Mohr - 返信



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