Motor Won’t Turn On When Trigger Pressed ¶ 

No whirling sound coming out of your gun.

Batteries Are Dead ¶ 

Whether you have been shooting all day, or pick up your gun for the first time in months, and notice that your motor is not running (not even at a low speed), chances are that your batteries' lives are over. The Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire requires four AA-sized alkaline batteries. Replacing the used batteries with new batteries should give your motor a fresh kick.

Batteries Are Not Making A Connection ¶ 

The batteries need to be securely placed in the holder. Check to see if the metallic sections of the positive and negative terminals are making connections to those of the battery holders. If this is still not working, you may need to get a fresh set of batteries.

Battery Polarities Are Reversed ¶ 

Check to see if all the batteries in your holder line up with the positive and negative terminals labeled in the holder. Flat (negative) ends of the battery should be in contact with the working springs in the holder, and the raised ends of the battery (positive) should touch the coils snugly.

Motor Is Damaged ¶ 

If you can see or feel any damage on the motor, replacement of the motor is an option.

Wires Are Cut/Damaged ¶ 

If wires are cut/damaged, replace the wires in the disassembling process.

Dart Is Jammed In Cartridge ¶ 

You have a dart stuck in the bottomless pits of He- errr, your gun cartridge.

Spring Is Bent ¶ 

Look inside the cartridges of the gun and identify the dart about to be retrieved for firing. If the spring inside is damaged in any sort of way, replace the spring.

Dart Is Damaged ¶ 

Look inside the cartridges of the gun and identify the dart about to be retrieved for firing. If the dart looks imperfect or damaged, replace it with a working-condition dart.

Cartridge Loaded Improperly ¶ 

Check the cartridge. The cartridge should be loaded with the open-end slid in first. The orange tips of the darts should face the surrounding blue shell of the gun.

Darts Are Not Firing ¶ 

"Ready, aim, FIRE!... Let's try that again... FIRE! Why isn't anything happening?"

There Are No Darts ¶ 

Check to see whether you have any ammunition left in your cartridges. If not, load each cartridge with a number of darts to your heart's desire.

Trigger Not Pulled ¶ 

Pull the trigger when you want to fire. When the gun does not fire, you may have not pulled the trigger far back enough. When you want to shoot again, pull back, this time with a greater force.

If that does not work, you may need to replace your trigger.

Motor Is Dead ¶ 

Many factors can contribute to a non-functioning motor. Battery problems, bad electrical connections and physical damage can all harbor in. Each individual fix can be catered to separately, or you can replace the motor completely.

Turning Mechanism Broken ¶ 

If you are pulling the lever and the cartridges of the gun are not rotating, there may be a jam in the junction of the lever and the parts that dictate the rotating mechanism.

Main Barrel Obstructed ¶ 

Making sure you do not press the trigger, carefully peek through the barrel and look around for obstructions. If you are able to identify an obstruction, remove the shell of the gun (to reveal the barrel) and remove the obstruction.

When trigger is pulled trigger doesn't bounce back it's stays pulled and nothing shoots

fvillota1222 - 返信

I had the same issue and realized that the channel selector on the remote is in order (1234) but the channel selector on the tank is in reverse order (4321). You may just have the channels backwards.

Seth Johnson -

Cant get the remote to synchronize with the terrascout. Any suggestions?

Steve - 返信

Can’t seem to synchronize the remote to the terrascout. Any troubleshooting suggestions?

Steve - 返信

Mine won’t sync either did u get yours to work yet Steve? Nothing really online to help

Tony -

Mine won’t sync neither Steve. Just got outta the box this morning, charged battery till it was blinking and fresh batteries in controller. Tank turns on so does controller but they are just not communicating and syncing. Then terrascout just turns back off after short time

Tony -

[|Any help out there for getting this terrascout to sync? New batteries and it all turns on just won’t sync]

Tony -

Same here. Won't connect. Returned it, got a new one, same problem.

Mike - 返信

*** FIXED ***

We just purchased one online. And had the same issue. Controller and drone would not pair.

On a hunch I pulled the SD card out of my camera and put it into the SD card slot on the drone.

Paired up immediately afterwards. Very odd that the manual does not state that an SD card is required for it to function, but it is. My son was bummed for about 30 minutes but now that its working he loves it! Hopefully this will help others out there.

DaveLChgo - 返信


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