Radio Will Not Turn On ¶ 

The Battery Is The Problem ¶ 

The batteries may not be charged properly, or they may need to be replaced. If the batteries have been charging for several hours and the radio still will not turn on, it is possible that the batteries need to be replaced. See Replacing the Batteries Guide.

The Battery Terminal Connectors Are the Problem ¶ 

If the batteries have been replaced and the radio still will not turn on, the problem may be the battery terminal connectors. If the terminal connectors are in poor shape, they will not transfer the energy from the battery to the radio. Replace the battery terminals to fix the problem. See Replacing The Battery Terminals Guide.

The Battery Charge Only Lasts A Few Hours ¶ 

The Battery Was Improperly Charged ¶ 

If the battery charge only lasts for a few hours, it is possible that the battery is not getting properly charged. Make sure that the charge complete indicator light comes on before removing the battery for use. If the charge complete light is not coming on, or if the charge is taking an excessive amount of time, it is possible that the charger contacts need to be cleaned. Make sure that the radio is turned off when not in use. Never keep the radio on while charging it; this rapidly diminishes the batteries' lifespan and extends charge time.

See Replacing the Batteries Guide.

The Radio Constantly Beeps ¶ 

The Battery Is The Problem ¶ 

If the radio is beeping, the radio has a low battery and needs to be charged. If the radio is in the charger, check to make sure that the radio is charging properly.

Overall Poor Radio Performance ¶ 

The Battery Is The Problem ¶ 

Check to see if battery is more than a year old. An old battery can cause many problems. The typical lifespan of a radio battery is 12-18 months.

Interference ¶ 

The Battery Is The Problem ¶ 

Weak batteries can cause interference problems. Weak batteries do not allow strong enough of a signal to be produced, causing interference to be received instead. Monitor battery charge and either recharge or replace the batteries when needed.

The Radios Are Too Close Together ¶ 

If the battery has been fully charged and the interference problem still exists, it is possible that the radios are too close together. If radios are used closer than 10 feet together, interference can become an issue. When using the radios, they must be over ten feet apart to work properly.

Sound Distortion or Lack of Sound ¶ 

The Speaker Is The Problem ¶ 

If the radio turns on and can transmit to other radios but distorted sound or no sound at all comes from the radio, the speaker may be damaged. The radio should always making a crackling sound when it is turned on and functioning. If the radio emits distorted sound or has no sound at all, the radio may have a broken speaker. See Replacing The Speaker Guide.

Buttons Are Unresponsive ¶ 

The Button Contacts Are The Problem ¶ 

If the radio is turned on with the display showing and the buttons do not react to being pressed, debris could be preventing the buttons from making contact. Clean the button contacts to restore button function. See Cleaning The Button Contacts Guide.

The Circuit Board Is The Problem ¶ 

If cleaning the button contacts does not make the buttons responsive to being pressed, the problem may be a malfunctioning circuit board. Dropping the radio could cause a part of the circuit board to come loose or break. Replace the circuit board to restore button function. See Replacing The Circuit Board Guide.

Radio Will Not Transmit or Receive ¶ 

The Radio Is Not On ¶ 

If the radio will not transmit or receive, first check to make sure that the two radios are turned on and at full volume.

The Radios Are On Different Channels ¶ 

If the radio is turned on at full volume and emitting the crackling sound but it still will not transmit or receive, it is possible that the radios are on different channels. Sometimes a channel is accidentally changed by bumping the radio channel buttons. Radios on two different channels will be transmitting and receiving signals, but not at the same frequency as each other and therefore it will appear the radios are not functioning properly. Change the radios to the same channel to fix the problem.

The Radios Are Not Being Used Properly ¶ 

If the radios are on the same channel and full at full volume but still will not transmit or receive, it is possible a few proper usage guidelines will help. Touching the antenna or covering the microphone while transmitting can cause transmission and reception problems. For optimal transmission, make sure that the radio is 2-3 inches from your mouth, and speak directly into the microphone. Follow these guidelines to transmit and receive properly.

Motorola T6210 TalkAbout walkie talkie has diminished sound, about half volume. The other one is ok. Paul

Paul - 返信

If your sound-diminished radio has an 'Emergency Mode' button, hit it. Mine cut to 50% volume, and poking that button restored it.

petechaka -

Hi, My Walkie Talkies are not working. I can send a message using one walkie talkie, and it works fine. but when i try it with the other one, nothing happens. What is going on here?!

George. - 返信

Same! How can George and I fix this?!

Sydney -

Same! How can we fix this issue?!

Sydney -

I turn on my Motorola RDM2070d radio and all I get is R2001008 on the screen then it goes to a screen showing all of the characters used on the radio,i.e. Battery level, locked, antenna level, etc. Any idea what is wrong?

charles woods - 返信

I have a pair of T9580RSAME with a bizarre issue. I have disabled the tone & checked the pair on several channels. I decided to scan with one and transmit with the other and bizarrely, unit A will transmit on Channel 17 and unit B will receive it only on Channel 1 (both voice and the signaling tone).

Unit B will not send to Unit A using the same configuration.

I tried reversing the setup and that does not work at all. Very weird.

Jeffrey Cowell - 返信

One works beautifully, the other will turn on, you can transmit ONCE and it turns off. It will recieve constantly once you turn it back on again, but transmit one time and it turns off again. Batteries fully charged and terminals are clean.

Dale Chabino - 返信

I have O2 a pair of motorola T 9500 walkie-talkies, they both switch on okay but when you press PTT button or the button to send musical alert the screen lights up with all the symbol showing but doesn't transmit either voice nor alert - anyone got any ideas?

Matt Langford - 返信

I havent used my brand new motorola set of walkis in a year,when i went to turn one on it went red and nothing appeared on the screen. Itdoesnt responde to any of the keys, the other i just left alone. The blank red screen stays on even after i turn the volume knobb till it clicks off. I took the battery out then replaced it again. Nothing seems to work and it still has the red light on while off. The top red small power light is off. But screen is red and on, i dont know what to do at this point. Any solutions would be amazing.

Clyde Barker - 返信


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