Microlight is dim/does not turn on ¶ 

You have pushed it on but the light is dim or remains off

Burnt Bulb ¶ 

Open up the microlight. If the bulb is black then it is burned out and needs to be replaced with a new one.

Dead Battery ¶ 

If the microlight won't turn on and it has not been used recently, your battery may have run out. Simply replace the batteries and test the device. If the device turns on then the problem was a bad or dead battery.

Damaged Microchip ¶ 

If the microlight has sustained any trauma and features are not accessible, the microchip within the casing may be damaged and should be changed.

Unmatched Polarity ¶ 

The light bulb may not be matching the polarity with the logic board. Simply removing the light bulb and switching the ends in the input will fix this problem.

The microlight turns off randomly ¶ 

You are able to turn on the light but it fails to remain on

Turns off at four minutes ¶ 

If the light is on the first setting, the chip is programmed to shut down automatically to sustain battery life. If this occurs on the second or third mode, then there may be an issue with the battery.

Light is intermittent ¶ 

The batteries may have a loose connection with the contact spring. A possible solution is to bend the contact spring slightly so that the spring connects with the battery while in the case. If the contact is not the problem the light bulb may be burnt. Replace the light bulb.

Can’t access the four settings ¶ 

You can turn on the light but it shuts off immediately after releasing the trigger

Factory setting still enabled ¶ 

If the light only stays on as pressure is applied, then the microlight is still in factory signal mode. Holding down the button for 15 seconds will remove the factory setting and enable the user to access the high, low, strobe, and signal settings.

Just installed 2 new batteries -

Pressing the 'on' button, it lights up just fine,

but when you let go of the 'on' button,

it goes off!

i.e., it WON'T STAY ON!

Any and ALL Suggestions to correct this situation will be Greatly Appreciated.

Thank you VERY Much!


Richard (916) 961-5966

Richard Kirkham - 返信

Light will not stay on after replacing batteries and 'Holding Down button' for 15+ seconds...

Richard Kirkham - 返信

I just did the exact same thing! Click and hold the button on for 30 seconds, and it should go off, then work. But I had to do it twice.

laurieholloway1313 -

Thank you very much! I changed the dead batteries in my "bug lit" and it would not stay on. The 15 sec. reset worked great!

Scott Newbry - 返信

Same here I tried new batteries and holding it for 15 seconds, it will not stay on…I bought 2 and they both have the same problem:(

krista morrison - 返信


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