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Huawei Pronto LTE Troubleshooting

Device Won't Turn On

When attempting to turn the device on it fails to do so.

Faulty Cable

The cable that you are using maybe broken, you can test it by using the cable on another device

Faulty Charging Block

If the cable works the other issue might be the charging block, you can test it by using it to charge another device.

Faulty Outlet

The final issue could be the outlet that you are using, you can test it by plugging another device to the outlet and seeing if it works.

Faulty Screen/Battery

Using another phone, call the device and if you hear it ring you have a broken/faulty screen. (refer to cracked screen troubleshoot) If you do not hear it ring you may have a faulty battery. Here

Device Rings but Screen Doesn't Turn On

The device makes sounds but shows nothing on the screen.

Cracked Screen

If you don't see the battery icon when your device is plugged in, the issue could be with the screen. If your device receives calls, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. Make sure your phone rings then, you can call the Huawei Pronto. If it rings you have a defective screen and need to replace it. ( link to replace screen). If it doesn't ring you and your phone is charged then you may have a faulty battery and will need to replace it. Here

Phone Won't Charge

When you plug the charger into the Huawei it does not charge.

Metal Conductor in Charging Port is Bent

Turn the device off, then remove the battery, then put the battery back in. To remove and insert the battery go to Battery Replacement (insert link here).

Faulty Battery

Turn off device then replace the battery (insert link here).

Audio is Distorted

You face difficulties listening to sounds on your device.

Loose Headphone Jack

Test the audio out loud through the phones speakers, then test it using headphones. If the audio is only distorted while listening on headphones, the audio jack of the headphones itself may be damaged. Make sure the audio jack is fully inserted in the phone, because audio tends to cut off and on due to this.

Faulty Driver

The audio driver may be corrupt, if the audio sounds distorted when listening through the phones speakers.

Blank Screen

The screen of the device only shows a single solid color.

Reboot Recovery Mode

Turn off the device and hold down the volume and power button until the Huawei Recovery screen shows up. Once activated select wipe cache partition and allow it to complete. Then the phone should reboot.

Factory Reset

This will wipe the phone of personal data so this attempt to fixing a blank screen is to be attempted as a last resort. Backup of the phones data may be possible before this process.

Start by turning off your phone. Then hold down the power and volume buttons. The recovery screen should appear. Select “factory reset” and click enter. The phone should then reboot.



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