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Google Pixel XL Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Google Pixel XL.

The Phone Will Not Charge

The phone will not charge even though it is connected to a charger.

The Charging Port or Charger Is Dirty

If the phone is not charging, check to see that there is no lint or dirt in the charging port or the outlet where the charger is connected. Blow on these areas or clean them with a cloth.

The Charger Is Defective

If the phone will not charge, there may be a problem with the charger and not the phone. Try plugging in your charger to other devices to see if they charge. If not, use a different USB Type C charger to charge your phone.

The Battery Is Dead

If the strategies above do not work and your phone still will not charge, you may need to replace the battery. To replace the battery, follow this guide.

The Fingerprint Scanner Is Not Working

The fingerprint scanner is not recognizing your fingerprint or is not unlocking the phone.

The Scanner Is Dirty

If the phone is not responding to your fingerprint, make sure there is no dirt, lint, or fingerprint oil on the surface of the scanner. Clean the scanner with a cloth to let it accurately read your fingerprint.

The Fingerprint Is Not Properly Saved

If the scanner is not unlocking your phone, your fingerprints might not be saved correctly. Register your fingerprints again onto the phone. Navigate to Settings > Security > Pixel Imprint > and Add Fingerprint to delete the existing fingerprints. To add your fingerprints more effectively, lay your phone on a flat surface. Change the angle of your finger to its sides on each scan, to get good coverage.

The Fingerprint Scanner Is Broken

If your phone still will not unlock using your fingerprint, it is possible that the fingerprint scanner is broken, which would result in it not functioning properly. To fix the problem, you will need to replace the fingerprint scanner using this guide.

The Photos Are Coming Out Blurry

The photos taken on the phone come out blurry despite attempting to focus them.

The Camera Lens Are Dirty

If the photos taken are blurry, check if there is any dirt, lint, or fingerprint oil on the camera lens. This could cause the camera to have difficulty with focusing, leading to blurry photos. Wipe off the lens with a microfiber cloth if it is dirty.

The Camera Lens Are Scratched

If photos taken are not clear, check if the camera lens has any scratches on it. The scratches would distort the light reaching the camera, leading to blurry photos. If this is the case, you may need to replace the camera following this guide.

The Camera Is Broken

If the photos are not focused, the camera could be broken. The camera may have a defect in its ability to focus or take clear photos. If this is the case, the fix will require replacing the camera using this guide.

In the "Dirty Charging Port" section, change "loose connection" to possibly "good connection"

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