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Fujifilm FinePix S8200 Troubleshooting

Released February 2015, identified by model S8200.

The Fujifilm FinePix S8200 digital camera is part of Fujifilm's S-series. It features a resolution of 16.2 MP (Megapixels), a 3.0 inch LCD screen, and a 40x optical zoom lens.

Camera does not power on ¶ 

Improper use of on/off switch ¶ 

Make sure you are using the correct switch for turning the camera on and off. The switch is clearly labeled and is located on top of the camera to the right of the mode dial. Make sure you are sliding the on/off switch all the way to the right, otherwise the camera may not respond to your action.

Drained batteries ¶ 

Drained batteries are the most likely reason that your camera is not powering on. Try replacing the old batteries with new ones. See the guide to replacing the batteries if you need help.

Battery Chamber Contact Problems ¶ 

If changing the batteries does not fix your problem, then you should take a closer look inside the battery chamber for visible issues. Remove the batteries and check for any signs of foreign debris. If there is debris in the battery chamber, it may be interfering with the batteries properly touching their contacts. If the batteries are not making a proper connection with the contacts, the device may not power on. Carefully remove any debris that is in the battery chamber.

Photos taken by camera are blurry ¶ 

Dirty lens ¶ 

If the photos you are taking are blurry, make sure your lens is clean. Smudges, dirt, and grime on the outside of the camera lens are easily wiped away with a clean, dry cotton cloth. Take care that you are gentle and do not scratch the lens! Further cleaning instructions can be found on page 108 of the device manual.

Incorrect settings ¶ 

It is possible that the reason your photos are blurry is due to an incorrect setting on the camera. First, you may want to reset the settings to their default values. To reset the settings, on the LCD screen enter the set-up menu and select the reset option. Secondly, check the mode dial to see if you are using the correct shooting mode. Information on the mode dial can be found on page 7 of the Fujifim FinePix S8200 device manual.

Corrupted firmware ¶ 

If your photos are still blurry, there may be a problem with the firmware of the camera. The firmware is the internal software that runs the electronics of the camera. It can be easily updated to the latest version by following the instructions on the Fujifilm website.

Photos do not transfer from camera ¶ 

Bad USB cable ¶ 

If you attempt to connect the camera through the Universal Serial Bus (USB) but a connection can’t be accomplished, try the following steps. Disconnect the USB cable from both the camera and the computer, then reconnect it to the camera and try to transfer the images again. If the previous step fails to resolve the issue, try a different cable. Otherwise, there might be an issue with the USB port on either the camera or the computer.

Bad memory card ¶ 

If you attempt to retrieve images from the camera via the memory card, but you fail to access the images in your personal computer or device, try the following steps. Remove the memory card from your personal device and clean the memory card and the device memory slot. Reinsert the memory card and try to access the images again. If the previous step fails, insert the memory card into another device and attempt to access the images. If the previous step also fails, then the memory card might be defective.

Corrupted firmware ¶ 

More often than not, companies do not publicize when they post new firmware up dates. A lot of the times consumers find out about firmware incompatibility when they attempt to use their devices and experience errors. If this is the case, you should download/update the camera to the most up to date firmware from the Fujifilm website.

No visual through viewfinder ¶ 

Check if the camera can power on ¶ 

If you can’t view your image through the viewfinder, check if the camera is powered on. If the camera does not power on, try replacing the batteries. Avoid using old or reused batteries. Be sure to use new batteries.

Lens obstructed ¶ 

If you can’t view your image through the viewfinder, check to see if the lens cap is on. If the lens cap is on, then you won’t be able to see through the viewfinder.

Dirty lens or dirty viewfinder ¶ 

If you can’t view your image through the viewfinder, properly clean the lens with a lens cloth. Make sure to use a microfiber or synthetic fiber cloth to avoid scratching the lens.

LCD screen errors ¶ 

Corrupted firmware ¶ 

Check for current version of firmware.

Insert a blank formatted media in the camera.

Turn on your "Camera" while holding down the [DISP/BACK] button.

The number will display "CURRENT" showing the camera's current firmware


After checking the firmware version, press the [MENU/OK]then turn off

the camera.

To update the camera's firmware.

The firmware can be easily updated to the latest version by following the instructions on the Fujifilm website.

Loose LCD connections on motherboard ¶ 

If your LCD screen does not display correctly, there might be a loose connection between the LCD screen and the motherboard. Please see the guide to repairing a loose LCD connection for more information.

Bad LCD screen ¶ 

If your LCD screen is not displaying correctly, then you should check for a firmware update. The firmware is the internal software that runs the electronics of the camera. It can be easily updated to the latest version by following the instructions on the Fujifilm website.

If your LCD screen is cracked, pixelated, or displaying irregular colors then it may need replacing.

Hi, when i turn it on, it suddenly turn off or "automatic" turn off. I tried all another ni-mh pin remain but it not working. Does it abt the firmware

le hieu - 返信

Mine did that too what I did is I had to change the batteries somewhere on the camera it says battery type I pressed alkaline and I went and bought some akiline batteries after that I've had no problems

rainaangel96 -

My S8200 keeps saying that i have to remove the lens cap even though it is removed. I don't know what else to do. I just bought it 2 days ago. Am I been Robbed or am I wasting my money buying something I thought would helped me.

baba - 返信

I believe my camera was accidently dropped while I wasn't looking durning my god sisters graduation party my camera on and off switch will not connect to turn on my camera and if feels like it has popped off how can I fix this I need my camera for the 4th of July I also live in a small town where there is no one to work on my camera

rainaangel96 - 返信

My camera keeps flicking through settings by its self then when I put it on to view pictures it goes back to home screen without me touching it .help please

Bert Taylor - 返信

Just bought my vamera amd it keeps saying focus error! I have resetted it numerous times and it still pops up focus error what could be this problem?

Mickayla Martinez - 返信


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