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Canon Pixma MP480 Troubleshooting

When the power button is pressed, the printer does not turn on.

Make sure the printer's power cable is plugged into a wall outlet as well as the back of the printer.

Plug the printer in a different wall outlet.

Unplug the printer from the wall outlet for 3 minutes, then plug it back in.

The motherboard needs to be replaced. Refer to the motherboard installation guide.

The power supply needs to be replaced.

When a print command is sent, the printer does not print.

Make sure the USB cable is plugged into the computer as well as the back of the printer.

Make sure there is paper in the paper feeder of the printer.

Unplug the printer from the wall outlet for 3 minutes, then, plug it back in.

Replace the current ink cartridge with a new one.

Open the scanning unit cover and securely push down the ink cartridge locking cover until it clicks into place.

Go to the manufacturer's page here and download the latest driver for the device.

The printer prints and scans, but the result is not satisfactory.

Using the Menu button on the operator panel, change the print quality to a desired quality.

Open the scanning unit and remove the ink cartridges. Clean the bottom of the ink cartridges, then properly insert the ink cartridge back into place.

Using the Menu button on the operator panel, select cleaning.

Replace the scanner cover using the scanner cover installation guide.

No matter what you print, the printer keeps getting jammed.

Remove the paper above the load limit line.

Remove all unfamiliar objects from the printer.

Replace current paper with paper that is more than 17 lb / 64 gsm and less than 28 lb / 105 gsm.

Uncurl the paper, then load the paper back in the tray.

You cannot get the LCD screen to turn on.

Plug the printer into the wall outlet and turn the printer on.

Press a button on the operation panel.

Replace the buttons using the button installation guide.

Replace the LCD screen using the LCD screen installation guide.

When you plug in a flash drive or memory card reader, the printer does not recognize it

Try plugging your memory device into a computer to see if the computer recognizes it. If it does not your memory device is broken and you need a new memory device.

If you're computer recognizes the flash drive, but your printer does not, reformat the flash drive, or alternatively, replace the flash drive.

Unplug the memory device from the printer for 3 minutes, then, plug it back in.

Replace the data port using the data port installation guide.

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Here's a suggestion for cleaning out the printhead. I did this on a Canon Pixma MP630 that was showing error B200. It didn't fix the problem, so I can't be sure this is good advice, but it did clean a lot of ink out of the printhead.

Open the lid, remove all of the ink cartridges and lift the grey lever. Slide the printhead assembly out.

Set up a work area with several layers of newspaper because it gets messy! Unscrew the two silver Phillips-head screws holding the postage-stamp-sized printhead "puck" onto the plastic structure and prise them apart gently at the end opposite the orange flat flex cable. Remove the grey rubbery gasket and clean it in isopropyl alcohol.

Pour some isopropyl alcohol into a shallow tray slightly larger than the printhead element and hold the printhead puck in it, with the printing side downwards and the ink feed holes upwards.

Get a one foot length of plastic tube and slide something soft and rubbery over one end so it will make an airtight seal with the ...

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... top surface of the printhead puck. I used a small rubbery "collar" from the tray suspension system in a CD drive, but you could use a rubber washer, a rubber grommet, or anything that will "kiss" the surface and form a good seal.

For each ink hole, press the tube and grommet around the hole, and suck on the tube. This will suck the isopropyl alcohol from the tray, up through the printhead puck, and into the bottom part of the tube. Stop sucking, slide the grommet off the edge of the puck and blow the crap out. Slide it back and repeat until you see bubbles coming through the alcohol in the tube, showing that air is able to flow through the puck. Repeat for the other holes.

Clean up both sides (lots of toilet paper is good here), refit the gasket and reassemble. You'll need to run a few pages through it to clear the alcohol out.


"That's a nasty clog!" - Groundskeeper Willie

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Hi. I dont have the wall outlet piece. Is

there anyway that i could turn it on without it.

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