Which iFixit Driver Kit Should You Buy?

While you can get great combo values out of our Pro Tech, Essential Electronics, and Repair Business Toolkits, sometimes you’ve got a job that just needs a bunch of odd bits and a driver. With our new driver kits, we’ve got your weird-screw bases covered, and then some, in a package that’s smaller and more affordable than ever.

The Minnow and Moray driver kits are the newest additions to our in-house toolkits, featuring pocketable sets of bits and drivers. With their addition, we now have a lot of driver kits, ranging from small to large, in different price ranges. If you’re not sure which set is right for you, we’re here to explain the differences between all our driver kits, so that you can purchase the right kit that meets your needs.


Minnow kit and the iPhone 12 mini
The Minnow and the iPhone 12 mini

The Minnow Driver Kit is our smallest toolkit yet, featuring a carefully curated group of 16 bits. The tri-points, Torx, Phillips, and other bits in the Minnow can take apart most modern smartphones, tablets, laptops, and game consoles. It’s also our most affordable driver kit, priced at just 15 bucks. It comes with a polymer driver that can store bits inside the handle, complete with an integrated SIM card eject tool because, let’s face it, you’re always searching for one at the most inconvenient moment.


Moray kit and iPhone 12
The Moray and the iPhone 12

If 16 bits isn’t quite enough to satiate your fixing needs, the Moray Driver Kit may fit the bill while still accommodating a tight budget. The Moray comes with twice the bits of the Minnow, including the addition of hex, triangle, and Gamebit bits for more esoteric repairs. It’s the perfect kit if you don’t quite need every precision bit under the sun, yet it’s a better deal per bit than the Minnow, ringing in at just $20.


Marlin driver set

Sometimes interchangeable bits aren’t what you’re looking for. You might opt for a no-assembly-required tool, for the screws you encounter all the time. Our Marlin Screwdriver Set is perfect for that, allowing for quicker bit substitutions if your device uses multiple screw types, as well a longer reach for deep recesses that our traditional driver handle can’t quite squeeze into. The 15-piece Marlin kit has all the essentials for most gadgets, priced at $55, but you may want to opt for our smaller 5-piece Marlin sets if you work with specific types of devices, like iPhones, Android phones, or Torx-based things. You can also buy Marlin drivers individually from our store, like this Tri-point Y00 driver.


Mako driver set

If you want the bit set all the cool kids are talking about, the Mako Driver Kit is the one. It has 64 bits that cover 99% of the screws you’ll find in gadgets, and the aluminum driver handle is a nice upgrade from the polymer handles found in the Minnow, Moray, and Marlin kits. It’s also the same driver kit that comes with our flagship Pro Tech toolkit.


Mahi driver set

Sometimes you need to fix something a bit larger than a phone, tablet, or laptop, like appliances and furniture. Thus, the required bits need to be a bit larger as well. Enter the Mahi Driver Kit. Think Mako, but bigger. It comes with larger sizes of the traditional bits, like Phillips, Torx, flat head, and Robertson, but also includes some quirky bonuses, like Pozidrive and spanner bits. The best part? The Mahi bits are standard ¼” bits that can also fit right into most existing drivers. Likewise, the beefier Mahi driver handle also accepts any of your existing ¼” driver bits—but good luck finding any sets more useful than this.


Manta driver set, stacked with others

If you’ve had dreams about owning both the Mako and Mahi kits (and we don’t blame you), your dreams have come true. The Manta Driver Kit is the largest set of bits that we offer, with 112 bits, two driver handles, and all the bragging rights. If you’ve been looking for the largest bit set you can possibly find, the kit that leaves you prepared to deal with the screws in almost everything except an airplane, there’s nothing quite like the Manta.