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Identification and Background

The Samsung NX500 is truly innovative and unlike other cameras. Being released in 2016, it was marked with a higher price than the norm but that is not to say that it isn't worth every penny. Has Bluetooth capabilities, to connect with your phone or various other devices. Equipped with 4K video recording you can relive every moment in high quality.


Track down problems with your Samsung NX500 here using our troubleshooting page.

Samsung NX500 Troubleshooting


Model Number: NX500

Camera Format: Compact System Camera

Tripod Mount: Yes

Weight: 16.0 oz (454g)

Includes batteries, kit lens

Size: 4.7x2.5x1.7 in.

Waterproof: No

Additional Information

The user manual for the device can be downloaded directly from the Samsung site here:

More extensive list of Specifications for the device are listed here:

A review done by CNET on YouTube:


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