Random White Screen of Death

I repair a lot of iPhones.

Received one stuck in DFU loop.

As i didnt know the history I transferred the logic board into a working back I had and fitted a working display assembly.

Fixed the software issue fine.

iPhone was working, activated, all functions fine.

Transferred back to the original back still with my display assembly and still all worked fine.

Plugged into iTunes just to make sure everything was registering as it should and perfect.

As I unplugged the dock connector from the phone the screen went white, which has never happened to me before.

I did a hard reset and it still booted up white.

I disconnected the display assembly and tried it on a working 3GS and the LCD is fine. Disconnected and fitted back to the phone in question and white.

Tried restoring and a DFU restore and still white.

I have since tried the logic board in 2 more working backs and white screen both times.

I have also tried several LCD's and they all work on my other phones here but not this one.

Any ideas?

I am guessing this has to be an error on the logic board as I know the back assembly is fine and I know the display assembly is fine.

The LCD connector on the logic board looks fine and as I say it was working for a good 30 minutes so I am stumped at how removing the dock cable can cause the damage.

The phone is on, gets phonecalls, vibrates, makes the charging sound when you plug it in etc.

There has also never been any water in contact with the phone.

Hoping some genius has encountered this error before and knows how to fix it!

Sorry for the long post just trying to be as descriptive as possible.

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anyone got any ideas?