cannot get it to boot with snow leopard install disk

I just installed 6 GB ram and new 750 hybrid HD using your install directions. First bootup using SnowLeopard Install and got the boot screen, selected Eng but then it did not give me a drive option. I turned off machine to start over and now have black screen - and cannot get boot disk out. HELP! Please...Macbook Pro ID 3,1 2.4 GHz

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Jump the first two pins (going from left to right) on the hard drive to slow it down to 1.5 GB rate and Disk Utilities will be able to see it so you can format it. If this fails, do a web search for your drive and jumpers.


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Hello Mayer, I do not have the Snow Leopard installed and don't know what a jumper is...this is an internal drive that is being replaced...I was told by OWC that the MacBook Pro would take 6GB so wondering if that is too much (the Apple page says 4 GB was their recommendation)...I put the original 2 GB back in to see if that was the problem...screen is STILL black...


Usually it's best to handle one thing at a time. First please give the last three figures of your serial number so I know EXACTLY which machine you have. Then tell me what RAM you bought and finally the make and model of the hard drive you got. We'll do RAM first.


you are amazing..X92 is the last of the serial # . The model ID I believe was 3,1. The RAM is OWC 6GB and 2GB chips - PC5300 DDR2 SO-DIMM kit from OWC. And the hard drive Momentusxt 750 GB with 7200rpm/hybrid


forgot to ask whether it makes a difference whether 4GB or 2GB chip goes in first


Apple MacBook Pro "Core 2 Duo" 2.4 15" (SR) Specs

Identifiers: Mid/Late 2007, 2.4/2.2GHz* - MA896LL - MacBookPro3,1 - A1226 - 2136

RAM Type: PC2-5300 DDR2 Min. RAM Speed: 667 MHz

Standard RAM: 2 GB Maximum RAM: 6 GB* installed as one 4 GB and one 2 GB Install the 4 GB first and start it up. Then shut down and add the 2 GB and give it a try.


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