No sound coming from ear speaker

I have a pixel 7 pro where the earspeaker stopped working. I replaced it with a new part, but it's still not working, so I think it is something else.

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Does the selfie camrea work?


@hampter It does. There is also the issue of the flashlight not working because it says the camera is using it, even though the camera is disabled.


@shanespangler sadly enough that sounds like a board problem, are the two gold plated connecters in the spot where the speaker is when you take it out at all discolored?


@hampter If I remember correctly, they didn't look discolored, but I could be wrong.


So you could try to look under the space for it, it could be board issue. But for some reason whenever I say it is a board issue someone with like 500k rep comes in and turns out I'm wrong (no hate to them tho) so take my words with a grain of salt