Understanding SMC Panic Assertion Failed codes


I'm not sure what error code I'm getting, it shows as follows:

ASSERTION FAILED: target\/d27\/target.cpp:266: 0, SMC BSC failure, spreadsheet ver(*10) 40\nS.sensor array 0 - 4 is 0x0, 0x40000000

My understanding is:

0x40000 is the charger port flex

0x400000 is the wireless charging flex

But I'm getting 0x40000000. What's this? I can't seem to find it anywhere else.

Update (04/01/24)

Bump. The phone's stuck in a reboot loop and every loop generates this panic. Any help appreciated, at this point just trying to keep the phone on long enough to back up the data.

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@flannelist you are the Guru on this stuff. You got anything up your sleeve to help the OP with this?


This one might need some math. Could be related to multiple parts, @petitepata72947 what preceded the boot loop? Is it damaged in any way?


No damage that I can tell in any way, no.

Preceding the loop, it took a full charge, and the next day as the battery was getting low (but not yet sub 20%) it turned off. When it turned back on, it displayed the unable to verify genuine battery message, 0% battery, and would no longer charge.

When plugged in or in wireless charging, it vibrates but does not display the charging.