Screen replacement with no display or charging

Hi, I have done a few Samsung screen replacements and this one stumped me. So I replaced a co workers screen on her s22 Ultra. I got it all back together an it powered right up, I left the back off just to make sure everything was connected properly and good to go. After I verified everything worked I shut the phone down and I installed the rear panel. After I reinstalled the rear panel the phone powered on but didn’t display anything and I know it powered on as I could hear the charging sound come on when I plugged it in. After that I took the rear panel back off and doubled checked everything an disconnected/reconnected the display cables. Now I can’t get anything to show and I can’t even get the charging noise to come on. Any ideas? Did I short something? Should I replace the logic board? I’m lost at this point.

It’s probably worth mentioning for whatever reason the battery connector doesn’t seem to snap in all that great an can pop off fairly easy but even when I hold it on there I still get nothing. The battery was also replaced.

Thanks for the help in advance!

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