Subwoofer won’t produce any sound

I got this system a few months ago in very good condition because it was hardly ever used and it’s been working perfect for me until a few weeks ago. One night i was watching TV and the subwoofer shut off on its own which meant all the other speakers shut off as well. I shut the head unit off and back on a few times which would turn the subwoofer and all the speakers back on for a second and it did the same thing. On my last attempt when i powered everything back on the subwoofer made a loud “pshhh” sound as if something popped and was relieving pressure. After that I shut everything off and unplugged everything. I did notice that the back of the subwoofer was extremely hot. maybe it was overheating? Everything sat for about a week or two unplugged and i decided to hook it back up to see if it worked and everything works and the subwoofer stays on and passes the sound to all the other speakers but does not produce any sound its self. I took the speaker out of the subwoofer and tested it and it works so i don’t know what to do from here. It seems like the subwoofer speaker isn’t getting any power. I would like to keep this system because all the new options don’t have the same features like this one does.

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@hayden10621 this sounds like a power board or main amp IC issue. Post some good pictures of your circuit boards with your Question. That way we can see what you see. Also, can you verify that this is a JVC TH-M303



Look for blown up capacitors or other components. The sub amp will be separate from the main board and might have separate power.