PS4 briefly gives me an image and then the screen goes black

Hi, I bought 2 PS4 that where faulty and I bought them with the intention that I could fix them. I noticed one of them had broken HDMI traces and the other one was missing the hard drive so I replaced just to see what it does. And it boots on but it tells me "cannot start the PS4" and tells me to connect the controller but as soon that message appears the screen turns black. I turned the PS4 off and tried again. I was able to connect the controller and it said to install latest update via USB but then the screen goes black but I can still control the PS4. I hit the circle button to exit with the black screen and the PS4 shuts off. I have already tried 2 different tvs and a projector and 2 different HDMI cables that work. Could it be the HDMI IC chip?

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