My empty tape only recorded audio

I had a personal project where I wanted to record something on VHS from my computer. I have a Philips VR 605.

I managed to use an HDMI converter to input my monitor onto the VCR, and play it from my AV1 Channel. I actually managed to see my desktop and hear my video from the tv, when I switched to Program E3 with the VCR buttons.

I played my video from the windows media player, and pressed record.

but playing back the tape, I only hear the sound from my computer, there's no video.

Does this mean the video record function is broken?.

I was really really close, so I'd love all the help I can get.

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@bas_vh_1999 sounds like you are trying to connect a computer video out to your VCR correct? you connected the computer to your VCR via HDMI correct? What kind of converter did you use? What make/model computer?

Yes, it is possible that this is a VCR issue dues to dirty heads etc but yours sounds more like a connection issue.