PS4 Spontaneous white light of death no display documented

Hi I traded a Xbox one fat for a ps4 fat model 1116a.

I brought it home and it powered on from the repair screen that shows when the console isn't turned off properly.

Then it went to home screen and was displaying perfectly for about 5 to ten minutes.

After that I plugged in a controller with a usb cable and was browsing the menu.

The screen just flashed black for one second then went back to normal. Then 30 seconds later it did it again and back to normal.

After that it was working as normal for another 5 mins. Then I plugged in a pc usb speaker to use for sound then at that moment the screen went black and stayed black.

So I'm thinking that the usb ports must have shorted something to cause the white light of death.

The disc drive still works and ejects and spins and all the lights work so the 5v and 12v lines should still be working.

What could the usb ports have shorted to cause a wlod on the console.

I hope it's a transistor and not a IC chip because I want to bridge a component to allow the flow of electricity to continue.

If you have and advice or experience with this or might know in what line the power travels from the usb that caused a short.

Above link for picture of the area under the IC chip.

Any advice will help

P.s I'm using a monitor and it works with a ps3 also and the cables are okay

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