T450s compatibility with 01AV460 Battery with BIOS version beyond 1.30

I'm interested in purchasing a replacement battery from ifixit, but I need confirmation that it will work with my system, beyond normal system compatibility.

I have already bought another replacement from another aftermarket seller but came across the following problem: After a certain BIOS version (probably 1.20, not sure), the laptop will not allow the battery to be charged​. This is compounded with the fact that the BIOS will not allow you to flash to a version under 1.30​, once you have flashed beyond it, even after allowing downgrading in the BIOS config.

This is the message post POST but before boot loader:
The battery installed is not supported by this system and will not charge.
Please replace the battery with the correct Lenovo battery for this system.
Press the ESC key to continue.

My laptop is the 20BWS1E200 ThinkPad T450s, that comes with a ASM P/N 45N1126 FRU P/N 45N1127 battery (with a bight bright red 68).

The product I'm interested in Lenovo 01AV460 Battery

Lenovo 01AV460 Batteryの画像


Lenovo 01AV460 Battery


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