HDMi port schematic missing diode (white light of death) reason?

I cleaned and replaced the thermal paste of one of my customers PS4 (CUH-1116A). There was a lot of dust inside and got it all cleaned. After the assembly, I began to test but the TV was not getting any signal from the PS. So I tried different cables, monitors and restarted it so on. Before initial disassembly it was working (showing picture and games were running). As I was not getting any positive results, I was forced to took it apart again to look for the issues causing it. So when I got the motherboard out, I looked at the HDMi port everything looks fine, all the pins are connected and port itself looks okay. So I took a further look at schematic TH2001 and saw there is a missing diode, should this be causing the no signal error? (Maybe I accidentally damaged the board somehow) (Attached the picture here) Please let me know if you know anything about this or have a experience with this kind of problem.

Thanks ahead!

Block Image

Block Image

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