Will the paper hole protector help?

I have an 8bitdo sn30 pro+ controller. There is a contact under the button of a controller and under the contact there is an electric circuit. When you push a button down then the contact goes down and it touches the circuit and that triggers a button press.

You have to press the button in the center so the contact goes vertically down and it touches the circuit when it's vertical. A button press is triggered when the contact touches the circuit.

If you press the button in a bad way like for example you press it down at an angle or you press the button and you release it in a bad way then you will get two button presses and you just pressed the button once. I think that is happening because the contact is touching the circuit twice if I press\release the button once in a bad way. I am sometimes pressing a button in a bad way and I am getting two button presses when i press the button once. I need to find a way to prevent this.

I saw this picture https://i.imgur.com/frpUxIm.jpg online. The guy put a paper hole protector sticker on the circuit of each button. I want to put a sticker on the circuits of A, B, X and Y so the sticker will force the contact to touch the correct part of the circuit.

I have a couple of questions:-

  1. Will using the sticker make the button more firmer so you have to apply more pressure to push the button?
  2. Will the sticker force the contact to go vertically down if I press a button in a bad way so I won't get two button presses if I press/release the button once in a bad way?
  3. Also can the adhesive of the sticker loosen so the sticker moves from it's proper position? Or it can't move because the contact of the button is keeping it in place?
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