Is anybody knows what is the IC controlling the toothbrush?

I have two toothbrushes Oral-B D100 (type 3710) for kids with the same problem : They're dead ! I opened them and confirmed the voltage (1.2Vdc). The power button did nothing. The problem seems to come from the 14 pins IC inside. It it a CCE7102 chip, but there is no information on Internet about this IC.

Is anybody can tell me what is the purpose of this chip (probably a PIC or something like that) and how to confirm if the problem really come from this one ?

The battery is good, the motor works (as soon as I put 1.3Vdc on the motor, the head start to wiggle. If I bypass a transistor controlled by this IC just beside it (shorting emitter and collector), the toothbrush start normally (until I remove my short).

I know it is just a toothbrush, but I'm really curious about the fonction of this IC an I want to learn. Thank you

Block Image

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@royde Can you upload a picture of the IC? iFixitでの質問に画像を追加する方法


There it is. Thank you