Overheated my msi ventus 2x 3060 due to an open case

I left the case open for about a year and a half while constantly running cod at 1440p with a dual monitor setup, the card actually held up pretty good despite leaving it on while I went to work or while I slept multiple times but recently the graphics started to malfunction, blocks or unloded parts of maps, I've gone through replacing the thermal pads thats been keeping it alive but I have to do that about once a month and it still struggles to load all graphics even on low settings due to the gpu being to hot, I have a close case, proper fans, what component would have gone bad due to overheating and would it be easily repaired? It never crashes on me or turns off randomly, I still play dmz on cod at high/medium settings but it lags since it get too hot while loading new graphics.

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