Replaced fan, worked fine, sends "too hot" message quicker ea time

The original fans bearings went bad so I had to open up and replace it as I was getting error messages that the system was too hot. I also had to clean a fair amount of dog hair and dust from the system as this was my first time ever opening it. I followed two different tutorials and took extra care of the machine.

It went back to working like it did before the bearings went bad for about a week or two until I got the error messages again that the system was too hot. It would come after playing an hour or more of a high-performance game like Red Dead Redemption 2 and I wouldn't get it at all when playing low performance games like Madden or even when I would watch YouTube or leave it sitting on the home screen for a while. So I believe it has to be an issue with the graphics card. I used thermal paste that came with the fan and I figured the paste may be insufficient and wearing down. I opened the system back up to replace the paste and I still got error messages and they were coming just as fast.

I took it apart one last time to make sure the screws and the heatsink piece on the graphics card we're all finger strength snug and there was no give or wiggling to the motherboard or the metal holding it in place. I am still getting error messages just as fast. It has gotten to the point where I cannot play Red Dead at all as seconds into gameplay the system will send the message.

I don't believe the new fan is insufficient as with the clear channels in the case and the fan cooling tray it sits on, the fans that assist pulling air from the back of the system and the fan up front that is pushing air over the system and assisting it into the channels.. it should have some of the best airflow it's had in years and after replacing the fan, I wouldn't get the error code for some time.

My last guess at the moment is when the old fan was still in there, the system did overheat to the point of sustaining damage and a faulty temperature sensor is sending the error code as although I don't have any way of testing if the PlayStation is truly running too hot.. the air coming from the back does not feel as hot as I felt it before in the time I've owned it since 2014 before experiencing problems

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