How do I remove the a/c fan clutch

Do i need a special tool to remove the fan clutch? My AC went out and I’m trying to repair it but I can’t figure out how to position my hands to fit the tools behind the van to take the clutch off and every time I try to bypass the relay to test the clutch, it blows my 10 fuse before I can do anything. 2010 Silverado 1500

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Tried googling '2010 Silverado 1500 ac fan clutch replacement procedure?' I found two youtube videos....


Yes i did, but i couldn’t find a 2010, there ones i found look different than mine does. The main problem is just figuring out how to maneuver around things because their position so oddly in my truck.


My apology as I thought a search showing fan clutch replacement would be similar with different years. Short of radiator removal for better access, most of us diyers have to figure it out with possible short cuts instead of tedious procedures dealers use. Repair shops sometimes have work arounds to be competitive with lower costs of labor and overhead. I haven't removed a fan clutch in decades and whatever I remembered was most likely more room. I may have used a box or open end wrench to slowly loosen then unscrew mounting bolt for fan removal before the clutch was removed. Perhaps examining fan and clutch mounting can help. Maybe a friend familiar with engine work can give some guidance.