Apple Watch タッチセンサー 交換 不具合/Apple Watch Touch Sensor


Apple Watch SEのタッチセンサーを交換しました。中国製のタッチセンサー付きのガラスです。液晶はつかえたので、液晶を外し、そのタッチセンサー付きのガラスに液体紫外線硬化剤を使用して修理しました。



Let me ask you a question first.

I replaced the touch sensor of Apple Watch SE. Glass with touch sensor made in China. I was able to grab the liquid crystal, so I removed the liquid crystal and repaired it using liquid UV hardener on the glass with the touch sensor.

If you touch the screen while touching the aluminum case or the back side, you can operate it, but if you touch only the screen without touching anything other than the screen, it will not work.

I would like to know more about the cause of these symptoms, can you tell me?

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