Released in 2005. Model number: PP11L, Imput: 19.5V ~ 4.62A.

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Laptop Power up With Total White Screen

My Dell Latitude D610 Power Up with White screen.

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here is a link for you to download the service manual for your computer.


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You can fix this issue by performing a full system restore and your data and files wont be deleted.

There are two ways to perform system restore:

Open start menu click run and then type cmd to open command prompt.

Type CD.. to make c:\ only.

Type CD windows then CD System32 and then restore.

After once you find yourself in c:\ windows\system32\restore>

Then type restrui.exe press enter.

Once the system restore window open then click next to select any available restore point.

This process shall take couple of minutes to perform restore and please make sure that once

this process started it wont be reversible and neither you will lose any personal data.

Other way to perform system restore is to open safe mode by clicking F8 on start-up and

check safe mode option then further a dialogue box will open to ask for system restore and

then follow the above steps. Thanks


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White screen or black happens usually when carbon creates between RAM and mother board slot. Simply open RAM and clean it properly with paper as well as slot and connect as it was before. Now turn on your computer it will start working.Thanks.


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