stalled and shut off How do I fix this

I have a 04 Honda Odyssey, it all of a sudden stalled and shut off in the middle of the road while driving. I replaced the fuel pump, the filter was good and I replaced the relay but it still won’t start. It has no fuel pressure. It tries to turn over but can’t. I’m stumped on this, someone please let me know if y’all know how to fix this

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Hi @toriengland,

What won't turn over, the fuel pump doesn't operate or the motor won't crank?

If a fuel problem, if possible check the OBDII codes. If there's a P0461 (range performance problem), P0462 (low voltage problem) or P0463 (high voltage problem) you may have a fuel gauge sending unit problem.

If P0462 it could also be a loose connection between it and the pcm

The info from the sending unit is also used by the ecm as well