What are the decent replacement batteries for my Dewalt wrench?

I tried some replacement batteries from Vanon batteries, and they were find, but I'd say it's not exactly dewalt battery, it's much cheaper and sustain my wrench quite find, just wondering if there are other options available in the market. thanks!

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My brother has a car, a Hyundai. The battery inside it isn't a Hyundai battery. That's because Hyundai don't make batteries.

DeWALT do not make batteries, they make power tools. The cells inside the battery are going to be Sanyo, or Panasonic, or any number of brand names: Including Vanon.


@littlegreenrock DeWalt or some subcontractor makes the battery casing and battery protection PCB. Sanyo, Panasonic, LG, Sunwoda etc. just makes the cells.


@andrewsawesome Oh! What did I write?


@littlegreenrock I see, thanks a lot!


@andrewsawesome roger, thanks dude