Ford focus randomly stalls while driving

Hi, I have a weird problem with my 2003 Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI (Diesel, manual transmission) So I have it since 2017 and everything was fine, couple minor fixes, nothing major... and in August last year (2022) I was going in another city which was about 400 miles from my city, trip to there was without any problems, when I was going back home about 200 miles into the trip it stalled when I was going 80mph in fifth gear on a highway, no check engine light or anything it was on a half a tank of fuel so probably about 20 liters... after that I pulled over, waited for about minute and tried re-start, it re-started fine, cranked for a little bit longer than usual but worked fine, no lights or weird noises, it drove fine I managed to get back home, next day I drove it for diagnosis to see what it was, on OBD there was only error code for power steering mechanic told me that was probably because car stalled mid drive, fuel pump works fine, everything seems to be normal, so I didn't repair anything and drove it everyday, that problem never ocurred again until couple days ago (March 2023) same story I was driving about 30mph in third gear and it stalled again no lights now it was on the almost full tank, re-started fine... Does anyone know what it could be or had same problem...

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