On boot up screen flashing different colors

Hi I am sure people have had this issue but I am wondering if anyone has found a fix for it yet? When I boot this laptop it sometimes goes to the start screen but then it will start flashing colors like the laptop is running a text on the graphics white blue red flashing. I have not been able to stop it.

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Good evening,

This seems fairly vague however i will go off what i have. Firstly, would you be able to add any pictures to this question as i might be able to see what your up against. I do use a thinkpad everyday so i know what the standard thinkpad startup screen should look like.

As i say to everyone, the first step in troubleshooting should always be turning to google. From what i can find (not much) this seems like something to do with video drivers or something. The first thing i recommend is (If you can make it to windows) to use the Window key + Shift + Ctrl + B shortcut. This "resets" your graphics driver and might fix this. If not though, i found this in an article from answers.microsoft.com for a thinkpad X13: