I'm looking for a pinout for the sticks

Hi, I'm attempting to retrofit Gulikit steam deck stick boards to an Xbox controller, and I can't seem to find any sort of pinout for the 10 pin ribbon cables that go to each stick board online. I don't own a steam deck currently, or I would just check for voltage input on that connector myself. My main problem is trying to find the voltage input to the Gulikit boards, since the IC needs to be powered on in order to give me an analog output signal for stick location. Thank you

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I found this image https://forum.arduino.cc/t/gulikit-hall-...

but it's for an older revision of the gullikit module, and at least when I took the multimeter to the pins it didn't seem accurate. Tried emailing their support just like the person that made that post but they haven't gotten back to me