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Can I remove the cooling fan?

I have found a Mac mini that was thrown out because the people did not repair it properly which I succeeded in repairing. I want to install a 240G SSD drive .I would like to know if it will run cool enough that I can permit myself to remove the cooling fan, thus having a Mac that does not make any noise what so ever.

Would appreciate the feedback.

Thank U


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Removing the cooling fan is just not a real good idea. It was placed there for a purpose. Usually you can find high end fan replacement parts that run with less sound. For this we need to know exactly which machine you have. Please give the last three figures of your serial number. Then we can find the correct part and possible replacement high end fan.


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Don't remove the fan. Got a client with a fan out on a mac mini and he has to point a mini desk/house fan on it just to keep the system going until the replacement comes in.

do a search on ifixit for : mac mini fan

They sell them here.


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I just disconnect the fan (because it's running continuously) and got the CPU temp rising to 70°Celsius; now that the fan is connected again, the T° is 24°C; so be careful, open the mini and place an external fan to cool it !


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