iPhoneの第2世代モデル。モデル番号はA1241 / 8 もしくは16 GBの容量/ ブラックもしくはホワイトのプラスチック製背面ケース。修理はオリジナルiPhoneに比べて直接パーツに作業ができます。ドライバー、こじ開けるためのツールと吸盤カップが必要です。

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iPhone went dead after being disconnected while restoring on iTunes

I was restoring my iPhone on iTunes when I unintentionally disconnected the iPhone from the computer. It was on the "Preparing your iPhone for restore" part i think. The iPhone has been dead since then. I've tried everything and it just doesn't respond and itunes doesn't even recognize any device when I plug it in.

Can anyone help?

Thank you!

EDIT: If anyone knows any way of making it work again I'd really be grateful if you could help because I really need the phone and nothing worked so far. Thank you again

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1. press and hold the power and home buttons for 10 seconds to try a reboot of the phone.

2. Also try DFU mode - Connect your iPod via USB cable to PC. This should power the iPhone ON, then turn off the iPhone - press and hold Power + Home buttons for about 10 seconds, release the Power button while holding Home button for an extra 10 seconds. You’ll know when you’re in DFU mode, this is when the screen will go completely blank. If it does not go blank try again - it's all in the timing. iTunes should have a popup saying device detected in recovery mode or similar. Press restore. If prompted to restore from a backup (or similar) choose from the list your latest backup which should be just prior to the problem occurring.


3. download and install TinyUmbrella and see if your device is detected. If so select it in the connected device menu (may be shown as a 8dight number I think). If EXIT RECOVERY is not greyed out, press it OR if FIX RECOVERY is not greyed, press it. disconnect iPhone and try reboot as per (1.) above if it does not reboot by its self


4. Check the dock connector - perhaps it has been damaged somehow.

5. What happens if you plug it into a wall charger?

6. Have you tried a different cable to PC?


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I've tried the reboot and doesn't work. Also when i connect it via USB cable to PC it doesn't even turn on. I've tried DFU mode but it doesn't respond at all, it's completely dead.


Thank you, I'll give it a try right now.


It doesn't detect the iPhone. Thanks anyway


try charging on wall charger for 1 hour then try itunes/DFU again. try holding home button and then connect to USB?


is it compulsory to connect iphone to pc until itunes download new software update???



while searching for a solution to my problem, google bring me here, so can i ask you if you has got a solution to your iphone? or shall i give up on searching


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simply Install pangu from www.pangu.io after installing click on restore and choose the firmware that you were updating i.e 7,8.00 anything it will recover your firmware. You can download firmware from different website just google it you will find it free.


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