Upgrading the gas tank lines3, fuel return, purge, and charcoal box co

Hi I'm cleve will Jr., I have a black beauty 2002silverado. 1500,5.3. liter, 2x4, anyways I'm upgrading my gas tank lines 4 , from the tank connect to my charcoal box, then also to fuel filter located, underneath driver's seat of that models Silverado. So I didn't pay attention to, nor thought to mark lines. Does anyone know how to conn all lines ? Only about 6 or 7 connections. From all connect parts,quick connect lines. Can you paint or draw a simple diagram showing those connections? I desperately appreciate the assist. Good day everyday and enjoy life. Ty in advance with all inclusive blessings.

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Thought I could easily find a diagram showing where those black plastic pfe pieces for gas goes. Ty again