One eye has severe visual problems

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Bought a second hand headset and am having severe display issues in one eye. Wondering if it's a problem with the eye tube or a different part

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Well with the picture provided its hard to tell exactly, but considering the distortion looks blocky, I would assume the lens isn't a problem, you can still make out part of the picture, so I would say its either an issue with the display itself, or theres something wrong getting the data from the computer to the screen, some connector or cable along the way but if the other display works fine, the only connection that could be a problem is the ribbon cable leading to the display. It could also be a defect in the silicon somewhere. Do you think you could provide pictures with a complete view of the lens? Oh and of course don't forget to make sure your drivers and software are up to date.


I would agree with Max,

This is likely a display fault. Now I'm no expert on this stuff but I can definitely provide some basic diagnosing steps

If this thing has two displays: Try plugging in the faulty display into the working board and the working display into the faulty one's board:

If it reproduces the same issue on the faulty display: Replace that display

If it reproduces but on the good screen: Replace/repair that board

If this is all one display: Welp I think I'll need some help here but maybe there's some pressure being applied

Keep in mind: Only one of two of these solutions applies. If it has two seperate displays: Use the long paragraph. If it's one display: Use the sentence below it. You have to find out which one it is.