Freezer not getting cold enough

Ge profile PFSS5NJW not cooling freezer only down to 20F. Compressor very warm and lines aren’t very cold. Refrigerator was dropped but doors still have a tight seal. I checked the accuracy of the on board temp with a thermometer and it’s accurate.

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Hi @kpk2625,

What is the temp in the refrigerator compartment like, is it also too warm?

Check behind the grill at the bottom of the front of the cabinet to see if the mini manual is there (GE part #31-51705 - I can't find it online). This has the wiring diagram and also should have the refrigerant high and suction pressure values for the sealed system, just in case there is a problem in the system e.g. slow leak of refrigerant or compressor problem.

To check the sealed system pressures, depending on your location, you may need to have a licensed repairer check the sealed system due to the environmental regulations regarding the handling of refrigerant gases

Also check that the condenser coil (near the compressor) is free from dust etc and also that the condenser fan is working OK. A clogged up condenser coil (or a non working fan) reduces the efficiency of the cooling system, because the heat absorbed by the refrigerant passing through the evaporator unit in the freezer compartment can't be released quickly enough as the refrigerant condenses and passes through the condenser coil, making it harder to achieve the correct set temperature. How warm/hot is the condenser coil?


The refrigerator temp is fine. Coils are clean I noticed on the refrigerant line there is some green residue. It that a sign of refrigerant leak? Thanks for your response.


Hi @kpk2625

It may be just copper oxidization and not be caused by a refrigerant leak.

If possible try cleaning it off and see if it reappears after a few hours.

If it is a leak it should feel oily because there is an oil mixed in with the refrigerant to lubricate the compressor. The refrigerant will escape undetected (although there might be a chemical smell - normally there shouldn't be) but the oil will leave a trace , although not where the leak is as it may travel ;-)

Is the compressor running continually? If not it isn't a leak.

You said that the refrigerator was dropped. Was it being moved and if so was it transported in the upright position or on its side, back etc?

If on its side, turn it off and allow it to stand for 24 hours. This will allow the oil to drain back down into the compressor.

Did you look for the manual, you didn't say?


No wiring diagram found. It is running continuously. No residue on refrigerant lines. Freezer is at 21 now and refrigerator compartment is37. But yes it’s still running and no frost buildup.


It was just moved from the kitchen to the garage. Fell down a couple steps onto its side. Picked up right away and not plugged in for 30 minutes. Thanks for your time on this!