XS Max mic not working in real calls but does with calling apps.

This is such a weird issue. I bought a refurbished XS Max and everything was seemingly fine. I was in a call with my girlfriend the night I got it and I had her on speaker. No issues outside of some white noise through my speaker. Nothing that would cause any concern though. I switched it off speaker and she couldn’t hear anything I was saying…just really bad static.

I called myself on another phone that had a calling app and everything was the same. I sound fine if I’m using speaker but it’s nothing but static with it off. Voice Memo works fine as well though.

Weirdest thing was when I installed a calling app on this phone. It works perfectly. There’s no static or anything. The mic actually picks up my voice.

It’s only when I call through my cellular network that it does this. It also does it with Wi-Fi Calling turned on. I’m not sure if it’s a network issue or a board issue with my phone. Data and everything else works perfectly fine. I’ve factory reset, reseated the SIM card and everything.

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Have you tried replacing the earpiece speaker and sensor assembly?


I appreciate the response and not yet. I’m really hoping it’s a mic issue and not the motherboard. I’m going in a few days to get the aftermarket warranty repair. They’ll be swapping out the charge port mic on the bottom since it’s the one causing the issues. I just can’t understand why it only messes up on network calls and not with anything else, unless it’s a board issue. It can’t be the signal because everything is perfect the second I switch to speakerphone.