The HP Envy 15 x360 is a laptop-tablet hybrid that can be identified by the model number 15-Uxxxxx.

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HP Envy X360 15-u483CL will not power up

The charge indicator LED is solid white when connected to the power adapter, so I know the battery is fully charged.

A few days ago, I put my laptop into hibernation.  It seemed to shut down nicely.   Later that day, I pressed the power button to turn it on, but nothing happened.

The next day, I opened it up and found the power button had broken from the power button board.  So, I purchased a new power button board, part 774599-001 and installed it.    Still, when I press the power button, nothing happens.   No lights, no sounds, no clicks -- nothing.

So, I may have one of these three conditions:
1.  Something on the system board has failed.  When it didn't power up, I may have pressed the power button with too much force and that is what broke the button.  Now I have a new power button board, but the m/b is still faulty.
2.  The power button board that I installed is faulty. I can get a replacement for the replacement.
3.  I somehow caused a new issue while I was working on it.

I have tried powering up with and without the power adapter, performing a power drain, starting without the battery connected, and holding the Windows-B keys.  Nothing has helped.

What should I try next?
Does anybody know which of the 6 pins in the power board cable can be shorted together to start the computer?  If that works, I will know that the power button board is bad, and the system board is good.
Where can I find a schematic for my system board?

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Hi @wiley1 ,

What is the make and model number of the motherboard? (printed on motherboard - it may be a Quanta DAY...........? but not sure of the complete model number.

Knowing this you'll hopefully be able to find the schematics for the board - search for "(insert motherboard make and model) schematics" which may help

Did you disconnect the battery from the motherboard after you opened the laptop and before you removed/replaced the power button board?


My motherboard is stamped "DAY62PMB8E0".

I would love to figure out which two pins of the ribbon cable can be shorted together to power up the laptop. For that I am going to need an accurate schematic.

I've found a diagram that is close to my hardware, but not quite close enough. Still looking.


There seem to be two or more versions of the power button board out there.

One has 3 holes, but another has 1 hole, 1 large slot, and 1 small slot on the opposite edge.

The same pictures and part numbers are associated with both boards.

The 3-hole variation is easy to find on Amazon or eBay for $13 to $25.

The 1-hole version is near impossible to find and can cost between $50 and $250 in condition "refurbished".

The broken power board that came out of my laptop is the 1-hole version.

The 3-hole version did not work as a replacement. Even if it did work, it would need to be physically modified to fit into the laptop case.

I can only speculate about which part number belongs to which version of the power board.

The 3-hole version might be part number 774599-001, aka: B07VVC7NM7

The 1-hole version might be part number 830190-001, aka: 32Y62PB0010

To add to the confusion, both variations are stamped "DAY62PPB8B0 Rev B" on the PCB.


HP definitely changed the physical characteristics of the PCB and assigned a different part number.

What we don't know is whether they also changed the electrical characteristics.

I would love to hear from somebody who was able to substitute one part for the other and have it work properly.

So, now I have to decide. Do I spend $50 for a used part that might not fix my issue?

Or do I perform further testing to prove whether or not the power PCB is actually the reason my laptop will not power up?





Hi @wiley1 ,

Here’s a link to the schematics (I hope relevant to your motherboard)

Here’s an image of the connector CN3 which shows the pinout of the power button board that may help (pins 2 & 6 for the power button). Check for voltage on +3V_RTC if temporarily shorting these two pins out doesn’t work.

The LID switch is used for the screen backlight power control (on/off when lid open/closed). It is also used for powering the PC off when the lid is closed dependent on the power option settings in the OS e.g. sleep etc but not if the OS is not loaded

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge)

The maintenance and service guide for a 15 -u363cl model shows that the part number for the power button board is 774599-001. This guide is also applicable to a 15-u100cl so presumably it will be for yours also.

Is there a HP part number shown anywhere on the original power button board to confirm what it is?

What is the product number of the laptop as shown on the information label on the bottom of the laptop?

I can’t find the service guide for your model using the HP support website above, and your model is also not listed here when searching for HP parts. I suggest that you look for the product number instead of the model number using the link just mentioned, to see if it shows up that way.


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Y'all I swear to god people just steal comments and answers on here



Bit confused by your comment just now.

Are you referring to my answer above or is it just a general comment about the forum?

If you think that people are plagiarizing your work, click on options (answers) or actions (comments) in their answer or comment and moderate it accordingly. It will appear in Moderation and if enough people agree it will be deleted.


@jayeff No, i'm just joking don't worry - I also mentioned the sleep/wake microswitch and he just completley ignored me. Never mind. Nice to meet you anyway!



I saw that you mentioned the lid switch but I put it in just because it doesn't have anything to do with startup from off except the backlight power.

Startup from hibernation or sleep - yes but then the laptop is in a different state.



@jayeff Does it have anything todo with the OS then? My thinking was it was a faulty microswitch but nvm.




This is a pretty easy fix

There are tones of things you can do before truly verifying it's a dead CPU or GPU. Easy steps (especially on this older laptop) are:

  • Take out both of the RAM Dims and reseat them. This seems like a really basic tip but it the laptop was dropped even on a bed or seat it can dislodge the RAM dims. Also, if you have another RAM stick laying around, take out both of the RAM Dims out and put a good known working RAM stick in and see if it posts.
  • Make sure if your CPU is unsockitable (a.k.a there is a lever to take it out) its been put back properly. This can cause the system to not boost/post properly.
  • Replace the CMOS battery - This can cause the BIOS to reset and not know what the time is and it throws it off for some random reason.
  • Plug it in to an external monitor - Theres always a chance while replacing the power button you damaged the screen connector or something so plug it in to a TV or Monitor just to verify that's not the issue.
  • Take it to a repair shop and request a BIOS reset. On old laptop like these, there's always a chance that the BIOS just decided to go 'meh'.
  • If you are really determined to get the laptop working and nothing is damaged, douse it in rubbing alcohol. This stuff is like miracle liquid for technology. It can make something that seems as dead as ever come back to life in 123. You can buy rubbing alchol on Amazon.

Alternatively, just get a new Laptop. I recommend refurbished if a new Laptop is completely out of your budget.

Hope this helps - Bezzzles.


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That might be really good advice for an amateur who is clueless about laptops.

However, I am an IT professional with a specialty in computer hardware.

I posted here for advice on my specific model and, even more specifically, the exact part that I have installed and why it is not working.

Advising me to get a new laptop isn't really helpful, but thanks anyway.


@Wiley Won

I did just post like 4 answers up top other than buy a laptop but never mind. The micro switch that wakes the laptop up when the screen is lifted has failed. You will need to solider but they're like $14 from a reputable supplier. If you're getting a blue light, it means the laptop is getting power. It's the wake-up / sleep microswitch that's failed.



Your "shotgun" approach to laptop repair is totally inappropriate for the question that I asked. I could list more that 15 reasons why your suggestions have nothing to do with my issue and how none of them got me any closer to a solution. But, I would rather spend my time doing things that actually have a chance of working, and I don't want to clutter this thread with nonsense.

If you will actually read through the comments and replies from more serious people, like @jayeff, you will see exactly what I mean.

Please do not reply to this comment.


@wiley1 I've replied to it.


@wiley1 What u gonna do. Just tryna help stop being rude



to turn on the laptop, with a paperclip, short a ground surface on the motherboard (top of a screwhole is good) and the bottom pin of the power board connector.


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