Fixing the actual Chili Pad

Just spent $300+ dollars to replace my pad because it started leaking after I washed it. Now I have a pad to play with and try to repair it. Assuming you can find the right medical grade tubing, this should be an easy fix.

I have suggested to the Chili people that they come up with a patch kit for the older or out of warranty pads. The answer I got back was “we are thinking about it”. Which sort of says… thanks for your suggestion; however, we are in the business of making money for our investors.

Question: I need place to buy the medical grade tubing. Any suggestions?

I will then need to figure out how to attach it to the tubing so it doesn’t leak. Any suggestions?

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Jim Puzar let's see what's going on with your pad. Post some good pictures of where and what is leaking. That way we can see what you see. iFixitでの質問に画像を追加する方法

You have to edit your QUESTION to add images. It'll help us to help you.