Motherboard Short circuit or Failure?

I have been recently having a lot of issues with my Dell G3 3579

This time while i was restarting my GPU driver using Ctrl+Shift+Alt+B my laptop froze up, i could hear the music still in the background but the screen went black, so i shut it down by holding the power button,

However after that my laptop has never turned on, i have done hard reset, cleared the cmos by removing the 2032 battery and completely replaced it, reseated the charging port, reseated the memory and the SSD and 2.5 drive and i only see a faint split second led flash when trying to turn it on sometimes on battery power, disconnecting the battery or trying to turn it on on plugged in does nothing, not even that split second led, i have taken a look at the mobo itself and i do not see any bad or blown components, i have also measured parts of the Motherboard circuit with a multi meter and there is power going to proper places.

The laptop is also not in warranty and i am not in the US for better parts service.

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I've had a similar issue, in short, Windows bricked the GPU driver leading to similar symptoms that you described. The way I was able to diagnose the issue was by taking the SSD out of my computer, and plugging in a Windows 10 installation USB drive, so that the computer would be forced to boot from the USB drive instead of the potentially damaged Windows on the SSD. If you do this and the screen displays stuff, then Windows bricked your GPU driver too, otherwise it's highly likely that there's a hardware issue.


Hi Sandro,

What were the other issues you refer to ". . .have been recently having a lot of issues . . ."? What? That information may help us diagnose your problem.


@aactech i have had weird non posts before and it got solved by removing the m.2 ssd, and sometimes audio slowdown and very low performance which i think was due to my undervolt.


@Sandro M What do you mean by "undervolt" and where?