How can I change the LCD display on the G7 7790 specifically.

There are a lot of tutorials for changing LCD displays, but this model in particular is difficult. There are no screws around the inner bevel, but the display won’t come out of the shell once I have the outer bevel cover removed. I’ve tried heating the outer shell with a heat gun to the point where it’s uncomfortably hot but I still can’t it to pop out.

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Can you upload a picture of how the screen looks after the bezel removed?


I worked at it awhile longer and finally got it. It's held to the upper shell by two long strips of some industrial strength black double-sided tape strips. One up the left, one up the right. Heating it up should have loosed it, but by the time I would have heated it enough to affect the tape the shell would have melted. I had to get a pry tool in there behind the LCD panel and slowly pry down the strip slowly on each side so as not to damage anything.