My transmitter keeps rebooting when the headset connects.

my transmitter keeps rebooting when the headset connects or when I open up SteelSeries Engine.

When the headset connects to the transmitter, “Connected” is shown very briefly, but then that transmitter reboots and shows the SteelSeries Logo. Then the cycle repeats.

I already tried installing an older version SteelSeries Engine 3, but this did not help.

As my device is no longer covered by warranty, I’d open up the device and have a look at the PCB, but how would I go about finding the defects? After all, the transmitter turns on, and I can navigate through the menu and so on, so it can’t be very much that’s broken here.

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I have the same issue, although after a few cycles (say 5 or so) my headset connects and works as normal. Is your PC running windows 11? Mine is.


I'm running macOS, but I also tried on a Winodws machine. Doesn't seem to make a difference. The issue also occurs when I plug the transmitter straight into a power source.


I have an additional headset, changing that and trying to pair it also made no difference on my end. One thing I can think of is that I have a USB hub switch that I use to go between a work machine and my gaming machine. So maybe the quick power cycling of the transmitter has caused a fault. Still strange that it only happens once the headset pairs.


I'm using a USB hub as well. My MacBook is also connected via a Dock, so the Hub gets disconnected every day, when I unplug the MacBook to take it with me.


@timstrasser I also have new transmitter too (I have a whole new headset package as Steelseries provided replacement when the earcup hinge went loose on the headset I'm still currently using ). I just paired the old headset with the new transmitter and all seems to be working fine. Haven't updated the current firmware update though and for the time being I don't think I'm going to. So I know that the fault is definitely with the transmitter and not any of the installed drivers or Steelseries engine. Maybe it can't handle power frequent power cycling, although the fault I have occurred overnight when the headset shut itself off due to low battery.