Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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screen only shows

screen shows only an 'dead iPod' icon and the web address Now tried to charge it and it just says 'very low battery' but not charging.

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Jim, not quite sure which iPod you have, it does help if you can clarify that. Anyhow, MOST of the time, the "" error message will come up when the iPod has trouble with the hard drive. You can try and place your iPod in either diagnostic mode and run the test to see what it shows. You can also try to place it in disk mode and see if you can reformat or even access the drive. The low battery could be just that, a low battery that has been discharged below the threshold at which the iPod can charge it. I believe that to be 2.7 volts. A firewire charger usually can rectify that, sometimes even an AC adapter. My suggestion is to check your HDD first, and replace the battery. Worst case scenario, your logic board does not recognize the drive or the battery. Procedures and prices for the repair depend on your model of iPod.


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the show a circled x and the web site address


@willie johnson, same situation as above. Sounds like a bad hard drive or hard drive cable.




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